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Central Eastern Europe

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Central Europe is the region lying between the variously defined areas of Eastern and Western Europe. The term and widespread interest in the region itself came back into fashion after the end of the Cold War, which, along with the Iron Curtain, had divided Europe politically into East and West, splitting Central Europe in half. Rather than a physical entity, Central Europe is a concept of shared history which contrasts with that of the surrounding regions.

Tourism was always very important in these countries. We can say, that you will find rich history, heritage, culture, wonderful landscape and natural wonders anywhere you go. But it is not only about heritage and culture. The entertainment industry is very well developed and value for money. You can spend unforgettable time in these countries with a budget you would not think at all. The countries in Central and Eastern Europe have joined the European Union and the Schengen Zone only in the past few years. This opens up new possibilities for the tourism for the travelers, who need visa to Europe. With a single visa, you can visit most of this area.


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